One Simple Way To Remember ALL Of Your Passwords

f-secure-featuredWe’ve all had that moment when we’re revisiting a website we desperately need to log in to, but suddenly, any hint of a memory of what you used as your password for that website is nonexistent. If only you had used a password you remembered. Or maybe, you should’ve written it down or saved it somewhere in case a situation like this comes up. Enter F-Secure KEY, a very unique and helpful tool. With F-Secure KEY, you will never have to worry about this happening again.

The way KEY works is, you only need to set one master password, which is then used to store all other passwords and credentials which you might otherwise forget. KEY uses a password generator to set very unique, secure passwords for all of your accounts, none of which you will even have to memorize. All you will need when logging into something on your device is your master password, and KEY will take care of the rest.

Now, you might be thinking, a program that stores every one of your passwords and important credentials sounds like a serious privacy issue. With KEY, it’s not. All of the data stored in KEY is encrypted, and the only way to access it is by entering your master password on your device. F-Secure does not even have the ability to access your credentials. Its service is 100% anonymous, which means there is no way that anyone would ever be able to retrieve the data and link it to you.

How Does F-Secure Key Work?

What are the benefits of using F-Secure Key?

  • The ability to store all of your passwords, logins, email logins, PIN codes and other credentials securely
  • Ability to generate strong passwords for your accounts with ease.
  • F-Secure auto-fills your passwords on log-in pages in your web browser (Android, PC, Mac)
  • Peace of mind knowing F-Secures strong encryption is protecting all of your important data

A couple of common questions…

Is it safe to store all of my passwords in a single location?

Yes. With F-Secure, all of your data is encrypted, and the only way to access it is with your Master Password. Not even F-Secure can access your data. Additionaly, the service is 100% anonymous, which means that there is no way for anyone else to link you to your data.

Can Other People Access The Data I have Stored On My Key?

The only way to access your F=Secure data is to enter your Master Password on one of your devices. Anyone wanting to access your personal data stored in F-Secure KEY, would need to know both your device and your Master Password.

Disclosure: F-Secure Key has compensated me for reviewing this product and its an easy one for me to endorse. Its truly a fantastic product and I encourage you to try it for yourself.

Free Trial for readers of this blog:


To receive the free trial follow the instructions and download the free mobile app for Android/iOS


Android: Go to Menu-Help- Enter PREMIUM VOUCHER

iOS: Help Menu- Promotional Code

Enter the code PREMIUMKEYOFFER14 and you’ll receive two free months of the premium (multiple device) service.

You can follow this link to download the mobile and desktop apps:

Everyone needs to use passwords, PIN codes, social security numbers, and other private credentials on the internet at some point. Be prepared for these times today with F-Secure’s free KEY password manager download.

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