MavSocial – Simple yet powerful platform to optimize management of your social campaigns


For the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to trial MavSocial’s Visual Content and Management Software and have been amazed by both its simplicity and power. Its a platform that can significantly improve the efficiency of your social campaigns at all levels, saving valuable resources in terms of both time and money.


In the post I’ll cover a few of my thoughts on MavSocial as well as provide some insight on the features that really stood out to me.

How can MavSocial help you optimize the management of social campaigns?

  • Save time and resources in planning and managing your social accounts
  • Improve the quality of your social marketing and visual content via the  visual content management platform and integrated stock photo library
  • Improve you and your teams ability to manage successful social campaigns
  • Capture and display all your social media data in a single, easily understood platform

Lets start with what I thought was the best feature.

Digital Assets and Asset Management


One of the most challenging aspects of creating engaging, regular content on any website is sourcing quality images. How many hours have you spent searching free images only to come up empty-handed, or with an image that you feel “will do”, but in no way enhances the amazing content you’ve just spent additional hours creating?

With MavSocial, you have access to over 70 million royalty-free, quality images, illustrations and stock photography via their partnership with Getty Images and BigStock. You’ll have the ability to quickly locate and add the image that fits your social content…perfectly

One of the other challenges I’m often faced with is managing those images – If you produce a lot of content on a regular basis and you’re anything like me, you probably have images scattered across the desktop screen of your computer as well as in assorted files… files with odd names that made much more sense at the time that you saved them.

MavSocial solves both of these challenges with the Visual Content Management System

Its a one-stop platform designed to securely store and organize your content in a much more intelligent manner than the way than I’ve described above (desktop and miscellaneous files). Your team will save both time and money by having an easy-to-access library of approved and licensed images, right at their fingertips.

Imagine everyone on your team having quick, easy access to photographs and images (jpg, png, gif), audio files (mp3, mov, wav) and videos (mov, mp4, m4v) in one, single sharable repository.

Can it get any better than this? Yes!

With MavSocial you can also analyze which pieces of digital content are performing best across a variety of social networks, pages and yes, even time.

And better still…. edit your photos directly from the MavSocial platform.


Online Photo Editing


The MavSocial platform makes editing your images a breeze. Simply upload your image or choose from your library and edit them with a complete set of photo editing tools.

The online tools include:

Effects: Quickly achieve professional results with MavSocial’s full line of stunning photo filters, designed to easily enhance and stylize everyday photography.

Frames: Boost creativity with imaginative and design-forward frames and stickers.

Crop, resize and rotate: Quickly reframe, resize and rotate photo with intuitive tools and image cropping options.

Adjustment: Modify brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and sharpness with our handy adjust tool

Draw & Text: Mark up or doodle on photos before sharing them


When it comes time to plan and manage your social campaign, again, MavSocial comes through with some great tools.

Campaign Planning and Management


The ability to see a consolidated view of all your activities is critical to achieving your social media goals. MavSocial’s content calendar view allows you to view your planned posts and ensure you are posting when and where you want. MavSocial also provides full control over scheduling, helping you to make smart scheduling decisions for your content release in any global time zone.

Additionally, MavSocial’s messaging view allows to you view all of your campaign messages for all social networks from a single window. You can filter, segment and sort messages to ensure you’re on-target and communicating your social message across the right audience.

Finally, one of the features I really like, is the Social Inbox. The social inbox is a consolidated window for all your conversations, engagement, history and comments. MavSocial’s Social Inbox makes it easy to monitor and interact with your customers across all networks.

In a word…simple!

…and last but certainly not least.


Dashboard and Reporting


It’s great to have each of the tools I’ve mentioned previously at your fingertips, but as the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” and MavSocial takes the pain out both managing and measuring. The MavSocial Dashboard captures and displays all of your social media data with a consolidated on-screen view of all your social engagement from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube & more.

There is also a complete range of reports showing important marketing information from:

  • Individual social media network statistics by engagement, followers etc
  • Campaigns: engagement information across multiple networks per campaign
  • Visual Content: analyze which digital assets has produced the most engagement
  • Short URL activity
  • Comments per network: see all the comments and replies to comments by page or campaign; essential reporting for advertising agencies for their clients
  • Gain valuable insights from your data to give you and your team simple, essential marketing information.

Each of the reports easily exports to PDF or Excel formats to be shared with your regular reporting.



The MavSocial platform is a great end-to-end social campaign management platform. It was designed to maximize your investment on social media and digital asset management, and it does an amazing job.

Disclaimer: I’m being compensated for reviewing MavSocial on my personal sites,but its one of those great tools that I would recommend you try, regardless. It’s an extremely efficient tool and it can save businesses and marketers valuable resources.

Why waste time and energy trying to market a campaign across all of your social networks alone. Don’t waste money on long term agreements for stock photos and costly editing software. So many businesses face issues trying to build an effective campaign through social media with the lack of an efficient tool to help them do it easily and smoothly.

Put yourself a step ahead of the others in your field and download a free trial of MavSocial today.

Try it out for 30 days and I think you’ll agree. You can receive a free 30 day trial by visiting  MavSocial Free Trial

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