MavSocial Answers Call For End-to-end Social Media Asset Management & Publishing

mavsocial1MavSocial is a terrific end-to-end social media asset management & publishing platform for anyone whose  focus is on visual social media. With MavSocial, businesses can be sure to put out quality posts on each of their social network pages—all at the same time. MavSocial makes it extremely easy to communicate your brand exactly the way you want to your followers. It’s chock full of full of features that make things very easy when it comes to social media marketing.

For starters, MavSocial gives users access to more than 35 million high-quality stock images through their partnerships with Getty Images and BigStock. Users don’t have to do anything to use these photos—they simply search through MavSocial’s huge photo library and choose whichever ones they want to use in their posts. What if you just want to upload your own photos? That feature would obviously be a given in any decent social media tool, so MavSocial went a step further by including a full set of photo editing tools. Users can choose from a variety of effects and filters which they can apply to uploaded photos. The editing software also includes frames and stickers, the ability to crop, draw, add text, and modify brightness, saturation, warmth, contrast, and sharpness.

mavsocial3Not only can MavSocial be used for creating your own, unique content, but it also features an RSS reader which gives users easy viewing access to all of their personal favorite websites and feeds. MavSocial’s RSS reader also allows users to save feeds and stories which they may want to come back to in the future. MavSocial also makes it very easy to upload videos (mov, mp4, m4v), as well as well as audio files (mp3, mov, wav). With MavSocial’s digital asset management system, you can build any kind of social media post, and store it in a very secure and organized way.

MavSocial’s campaign planner is another extremely helpful feature that you’ll fall in love with. With a campaign planner, you can put together several different posts and choose specific times and dates for when you would like your posts to go up onto your social media pages. In MavSocial’s content calender view, you are even able to look over all of your future posts and select and modify whichever ones you want. In messaging view, you can view all of your campaign messages together and make sure that they are aligned properly and sending the right message off to your followers. On top of this, MavSocial has a social inbox which stores all chats, comments, history, and activity from all social networks in one central location.

mavsocial2MavSocial covers all the social networks your business might be using—whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or YouTube. In fact, MavSocial remembered to keep the entire globe in mind. Even the biggest social networks in China are supported on MavSocial, including YouKu, Weibo, and RenRen. Several languages are also available on MavSocial. Among these are Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Arabic, as well as several others.

I’m being compensated for reviewing MavSocial but its one of those great tools that I would recommend you try, regardless. It’s an extremely efficient tool and it can save businesses and marketers a ton of time and money in the long run. Don’t waste time and energy trying to market a campaign across all of your social networks alone. Don’t waste money on long term agreements for stock photos and costly editing software. So many businesses face issues trying to build an effective campaign through social media with the lack of an efficient tool to help them do it easily and smoothly.

Put yourself a step ahead of the others in your field and download a free trial of MavSocial today at

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