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The Internet has completely changed the rules of marketing. Successful business owners and marketers must now engage with consumers through a myriad of  Web sites, social platforms, content, blogs, YouTube videos, e-books, and other online media.

Size and scale no longer dictate an advantage in the marketplace. What does  is speed, nimbleness and the ability to execute seamlessly across multiple channels. While your competitors struggle to adjust to the  new rules of marketing, in a fun, entertaining and open style, Martin will show you how to quickly seize a competitive advantage, open and expand new channels, and drive new opportunity and demand in the online space.

Speaking Topic Examples

  • Future-Proof Marketing
  • Rock Your Networking Starting NOW! (At This Conference)
  • Your Best Influencers Are Your Employees – Creating A Culture of Social and Content
  • Growth Hack Your Content and Social Media Strategy
  • Social Irrelevance In The Age of Content
  • Bootstrap Your Social And Content Marketing Strategy
  • Path to Purchase – Content Marketing In The World Crash Course

Customized Talks/Presentations

martin_blogworld_rick_calvertTalks customized to your audience, business or organization are available upon request.

30 day advance notice of your event/meeting is needed.

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Sample Description 1

Title: Convergence – Why Your Business Needs An Integrated Social Media & Content Strategy NOW


The role and value of social media and content has dramatically changed in just the past year. While many business owners are still trying to get their heads around an effective social media strategy; now they have to also think about becoming publishers and content marketers.

Why? The digital media convergence of social, content, search and authority.

The rapidly evolving digital landscape is shifting discovery, conversation, business and buying decisions away from the brand and corporate sites and moving them to a social and content web environment. Companies can either choose to ignore this and risk eventual irrelevance and loss of business to more savvy competitors, or embrace it and thrive in an age of new media marketing.

Reasons for attending

  • Understand the different social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc – how they’re changing, and which ones are right for you and your business.
  • Learn actionable tactics that will play a key role in creating a powerful, successful social media and content marketing strategy
  • Learn how and where to distribute your content to ensure it gets to the right audience.
  • Understand the role of social and content marketing to generate new business and leads
  • See the future of social media and content marketing so you can be prepared for big changes that are just around the corner

Sample Description 2

Title: Your Best Influencers Are Your Employees – Creating A Culture of Social and Content

True brand advocacy comes from your company’s culture, not marketing or technology.

If you’re not encouraging and facilitating your employees to promote your brands message and content socially you’re missing out on a significant opportunity. Employee communication and advocacy is changing quickly as new social media tools and platforms evolve and impact the workplace.

Failure to understand and adapt to these changes can significantly impair a company’s performance and in some instances, its very ability to compete.

Recent research shows that as few as 135 employee advocates have a similar reach to 1 million Facebook fans. And did you know that content shared by employees gets up to 8x the engagement of content on brand channels. With numbers like these, it pays not to ignore the impact your employees can have when they share brand content across their social networks.

Yes, reaching and mobilizing employee advocates can be challenging… but, if done correctly, it can also be highly rewarding. In this session I’ll show you how.can

Takeaways from this session:

  • Why employee advocates can be your brands best promotional asset
  • How to identify and activate your brands social ambassadors
  • How to create a culture of social and content participation
  • How to make it effortless for employees to participate
  • The tools you need to easily get started
  • 4 sure-fire ways to transform your employees into your best brand advocates.


Martin Jones is Social Media Marketing Manager with the corporate Cox Communications social media team where he assists in leading strategy, campaign ideation and marketing execution across each of the company’s social media platforms. Today, over 1 million fans engage with Cox Communications content, campaigns and Customer Care on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and Google+.