Creating A Culture of Employee Advocacy

business3True brand advocacy comes from your company’s culture, not marketing or technology.

If you’re not encouraging and facilitating your employees to promote your brands message and content socially you’re missing out on a significant opportunity. Employee communication and advocacy is changing quickly as new social media tools and platforms evolve and impact the workplace.

Failure to understand and adapt to these changes can significantly impair a company’s performance and in some instances, its very ability to compete.

Recent research shows that as few as 135 employee advocates have a similar reach to 1 million Facebook fans. And did you know that content shared by employees gets up to 8x the engagement of content on brand channels. With numbers like these, it pays not to ignore the impact your employees can have when they share brand content across their social networks.

Yes, reaching and mobilizing employee advocates can be challenging… but, if done correctly, it can also be highly rewarding.

I’ll show you how.

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